What is the Mobile Food Vendor Centralised Register?

Before selling or producing food intended for sale, food businesses in Western Australia (WA) are required to notify or register with the appropriate enforcement agency. This will be either a local government or the Department of Health.

The process of registration/notification within the Food Act 2008 enables the local government (enforcement agency) to ensure all food businesses trading from premises within their district comply with the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (external site).

In WA, all food businesses are required to have a Food Act 2008 certificate of registration/notification before selling food. This includes fixed premises, such as cafes and restaurants – but also temporary and mobile food businesses.

There are currently 137 enforcement agencies within WA, all of which have their own list of registered/notified food businesses.

The Mobile Food Vendor Register WA enables all enforcement agencies across WA to access and update a single centralised register of all registered/notified temporary and mobile food businesses.

The Mobile Food Vendor Register WA allows Food Act 2008 Authorised Officers to:

    • Access shared food business data in a centralised and secure environment;
    • Determine if a temporary or mobile food business is registered/notified as per the Food Act 2008*;
    • Streamline their administrative activities associated with temporary and mobile food businesses by:
      • Updating temporary and mobile food business data by the appropriate enforcement agency to ensure data is accurate;
      • Verifying temporary and mobile food business details that are applying to, or operating within their area;
      • Access the register outside of business hours, online.
    • Prioritise inspections of temporary and mobile food businesses that are ‘overdue’ and alleviate unnecessary assessments.

If you have any questions about Mobile Food Vendor Register WA, please contact your registering enforcement agency.

*Participating appropriate enforcement agency required.

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